European Jazz Competition

Edition 2013

“Kapok” also wins the European Jazz Competition Award 2013

Photo: Ruud Zinzen

Photo: Ruud Zinzen

The trio set up around  horn player Morris Kliphuis “Kapok”, already winner of the Dutch Jazz Competition 2012, is also the winner of the European Jazz Competition (EJC) 2013. An international jury of jazz producers and jazz festival executives made this known in Lantarenvenster Saturday 29 June in Rotterdam. ”Kapok excels in originality and virtuosity. They are able to pair joy and a sense of humor with improvisation built up within an exciting performance.”

The finals of the European Jazz Competition 2013 was the exiting culmination of the two-day jazz network event the Jazz Day (Jazzdag) during North Sea Round Town. Kapok takes a varied prize package to take home. Next to prize money, the trio is also invited to play at the forthcoming edition of the North Sea Jazz Festival. Thanks to the cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) the finals of the European Jazz Competition 2013 will be aired by radio across Europe.

The European Jazz Competition 2013 is made possible by: the EBU, SENA, Buma Cultuur, NORMA, Rotterdam Jazz day, Festivals, the North Sea Round Town, the Ntb, NTR, Radio 6, VPRO, Swinging Europe, North Sea Jazz and Lantarenvenster.

Edition 2013
Till May 1st, the EBU (Geneva office of Euroradio) has been producing  the qualifying rounds of the European Jazz Competiion 2013. Many European member (public broadcasting-) organizations of the EBU nominated local groups by sending in recent live recordings of groups with musicians not over 30 years of age. The EBU -jury, consisting of jazzradio producers from all over Europe, has selected in a blindfolded way four finalists. The fifth participating finalist was already known: the winner of the “SENA Award Best Group” of the last edition of the Dutch Jazz Competition: (2012:) “Kapok”.

This year the finalists are:
Dmitry Golovanov (Lithuania)
Stephanie Francke Quartet (Netherlands)
Oláh Krisztián Trio (Hungary)
Kapok (Netherlands)
Naoko Sakata Trio (Sweden)

Finals 2013: June 29, Lantaren-Venster/ Jazzday / North Sea Round Town, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

On June 29th, each finalist presents an adequate performance of 30 minutes at the second day of the Jazzdag during North Sea Round Town in Rotterdam. The EBU in cooperation with the Dutch NPO proves again to be a great partner by organising and facilitating radio broadcasts of the finals for the public stations over Europe. The prestigious venue Lantaren-Venster in Rotterdam is the host of the Finals and the Dutch Foundation of the European Jazz Competition is responsible for collecting the funding and organization. The winner of the SENA Award Best Group European Jazz Competition 2013 will be invited to perform at this years edition of the North Sea Jazz Festival (July 12,13 or 14).

Finals European Jazz Competition 2013

June 29, LantarenVenster,  Rotterdam            

19:30               Dmitrij Golovanov  (Lithuania)
20:15               Stephanie Francke Quartet (Netherlands)
21:00               Oláh  Krisztián Trio (Hungary)
21:45               Kapok (Netherlands)
22:30               Naoko Sakata Trio (Sweden)
23:00               DJ in the Lounge during jury deliberations
23:45              Award Winning Ceremony: European Jazz Award, powered by SENA and BUMA CULTUUR
00:00              celebrating set: Winner Best Group 2013


New cooperation’s in 2013:

partner jazzdag-2-dagen+

Jazzdag / Jazz Day 
The finals of the European Jazz Competition will take place on the second (and last) day of the Jazzdag/ Jazzday, Saturday 29 June at LantarenVenster in Rotterdam.

By this cooperation the Jazzday sets fire into her ambition towards a European Talent Exchange Program for jazz.


partner NSRT logo-rood(rgb)

 North Sea Round Town                                                                                                           

The Finals of the European Jazz Competition takes place during North Sea Round Town in Rotterdam.
This lively city  festival with its unusual musical encounters is the warm-up event for North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam Ahoy.


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